Catch Up Programme

The team will work holistically with any young person and his or her family, who have been identified by the local authority, school or alternative provision as causing concern and or at risk of not achieving GCSEs, exclusion or of becoming Looked After.

The Catch up Programme will deliver: 

  • Intensive 1:1 tuition through a personalised individual learning programme with clear weekly academic targets and reports.
  • Same day targeted approach to addressing issues at home.
  • Flexible needs led individual academic and pastoral support.
  • One-to-one support in the classroom or off-site.
  • Support for parents/carers to engage in their child’s education to raise aspirations, and self esteem.
  • Extra-curricular activities.
  • Intensive tuition and preparations for exams.
  • Close liaison with all agencies working with the young person.
  • A direct challenge to non attendance, punctuality issues and behavioural concerns.

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