Strategic Aims

1. Deliver high-quality geographically targeted support to the most vulnerable young people, their families, schools and other statutory services. Overall evaluation of our services is set against a clear and rigorous quality assurance framework. This is self-evaluated and inspected against regularly; learners are at the heart of service evaluation. High quality, rigorously quality assured, intensive personalised support is at the heart of everything we do. We will focus on delivering our services within urban areas of high social deprivation and educational inequality and will support the most vulnerable young people and their families.

2. Build strong trust based relationships and partnership working with schools and all other statutory services. We will reach out to our learners and commissioning bodies and make the service known, respected and valued by all agencies working in this field. We will offer leadership and foster confidence by delivering a person-centred approach with high aspirations and responding to referral requests within twenty -four hours (Monday-Friday). We will work to foster collaboration between service users, schools and statutory agencies to CATCH young people before they fall through the net.

3. Develop our team
EduCatch advisers are special people. Not only do they deliver personalised, creative and flexible support packages which are needs led, they also make learning fun and rewarding and worth attending for. Key to the success of the service is the relationship between teachers’ students and their families. Our approach which includes never permanently excluding a student encourages young people to feel secure and supported in their education. We start with where the young person is at and are completely non-judgemental. Our team will provide holistic mentoring, community based activities, work peripatetically and deliver GCSE’s as well as our own accredited courses in Employability and Enterprise and Mindfulness enabling students to make educational, personal, emotional and social progress.

4. Champion the voices of young people and parents
Promote the voice of our learners through our CATCH UP youth voice model across our services to increase the voice of parents and carers to ensure they are heard and responded to.