The Catch Process

EduCatch has a distinct 5 step “Catch” process which we adhere to for all our projects and programmes.

The Catch Process is as follows:

  • C – Conversations

The Catch process begins with the most important person, the learner! They are at the centre of what we are and how we approach the service. We begin with conversations with the network of family, staff and professionals. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge, set the length of time our help is needed for and what programme is most suitable.

  • A – Assessment

We create an initial assessment to an Individual Support Plan informed in partnership with social care, education and health. During this stage in the Catch Process we formulate a thorough risk assessment and risk management strategy.

We can then meet where we are needed and we can be adaptable. We get to know what the learner loves and what their personal aims for the future are. Our approach is personal so if help is needed to get to local community group, learn to write a great CV or to get back on track with English classes – we are there.

  • T – Targets and Rewards

EduCatch is a quality assured service with weekly reports, individual targets, and collaborative target setting and reviews.

Our targets and support are created through a personalised programme which places at its hearts our learners voice, needs and aspirations. Every 8 weeks we reevaluate the soft and hard targets and discuss the stepping stones to achieving them.

Every 8 weeks we offer small rewards too, for achieving those targets for that period. Our rewards system includes cinema trips, stadium tours, pizza nights and celebrations.

  • C – Coaching into confidence

EduCatch offers attendance at and facilitation of any meetings as when and where required (we work across the UK).

We welcome network team meetings to congratulate the learner on what they have achieved, empowering them for the final step and so that everybody has a role to ensure they are surrounded by support.

Towards the end of the final 8 weeks we put all our energies into supporting the learner to complete their final assessments and achieve what they had hoped for.

  • H – High Hopes

We are there and we have high hopes for the future!

This is the final stage of the CATCH process.

To help with moving on we formulate a personal moving on strategy giving direction and continuation targets for their future. The moving on meeting is also an ideal opportunity for feedback.

We are always keen to hear what was loved and what was not. We take these thoughts and advice very seriously and use this feedback to help us improve our projects and programmes in the future.