What we do

As a specialist provider of services, we offer expertise in setting up and running a range of high quality support and programmes based on tried and tested models of practice developed over time. With statutory and non-statutory partners, schools and associates we can provide innovative and creative solutions to meet a variety of complex needs.

Intensive support is tailored to specifically meet the additional statutory needs of the most vulnerable and excluded children and young people to create a more level playing field.

Through our programmes we offer a fresh start by promoting a personalised and new approach to learning enabling our young people to enquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life in our world of rapid and continuous change.

We champion the voices of young people and parents through skilful advocacy, support and mentoring.

We incorporate mentoring within academic targeted interventions for young people at risk of exploitation, abuse or involvement in the criminal justice system.

We focus on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science whilst supporting the development of interpersonal skills and building strong relationships between home and school.

We adhere to rigorous quality assurance systems whilst evidencing our impact and being transparent.